Twistedheart Puppetworks

Twistedheart Puppetworks is a progressive puppet company in Vista, California that is operated by Tania Yager, Zane Balay, and Rey Hernandez. The company focuses on short form puppetry that tends to vacillate between the touchingly sweet and the strangely macabre. Inspired by fantasy, Gothic horror, and multicultural legends, the crew bring a certain romance and whimsy to their work.

The Twistedheart Puppetworks also host their bi-annual "All Souls" event where patrons assemble a alter of a past loved one or something that they cherished that they can no longer see or feel. 

The Twistedheart Puppetworks are in process of making their annual Krampus event a staple event in the city of Vista. 


Events & Shows