Creativity takes Courage and Theatre provides it


 Theatre gives you the power to think and talk about difficult subjects in a safe and comfortable environment. Theatre opens the door for children, young adults and adults in every area of the performing and visual arts to create and to perform. In theatre everyone learns about the world around them and encourages them to create something amazing with the knowledge that they have learned. Theatre is an amazing way to experience stories, culture and events. It can make us think about the world in new and exciting ways. But it isn't just about what you see on stage. It takes many different people with different skills to put on a play.


Twistedheart Puppetworks

Twistedheart Puppetworks focuses on short form puppetry that tends to vacillate between the touchingly sweet and the strangely macabre. Inspired by fantasy, gothic horror, and multicultural legends, the crew brings a certain romance, dark and whimsy elements to their work.  

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The Night Zoo

The Night Zoo is the annual theatrical performance that is created, designed and performed by Twistedheart Puppetworks and students from Mission Vista High School. The Night Zoo follows our explorer and showman Demitri Z. and his friends as he showcases nocturnal creatures from hidden mythical realms and alternate realities!  

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