Night Zoo

 The Dark Horse Performing Arts Foundation is happy to partner with Twistheart Puppetworks with their new project "The Night Zoo." This will keep vital performing arts programs alive in the North County San Diego High Schools. 

About the Show

On February 13th, Twistedheart Puppetworks and MVHS Puppetry Arts Program presents a Dark Horse Performing Arts supported special puppetry event; The Night Zoo Side Show and Menagerie! The Night Zoo is a theatrical feast that follows our explorer and showman Demitri Z. and his friends as he showcases nocturnal creatures from the hidden mythical realms and alternate realities! Wonders will never cease at this family friendly, one night only, fantasy creature fashion show!  

This night of puppetry was created by the students of Missions Vista High School and the staff of Twistedheart Puppetryworks. Together they created this theatrical mystical and magical performance of the Night Zoo. 

The students with the help of Twistedheart designed the concept of the show and with guidance from Tanya and her staff the students built all of the puppets.

This project was such a HUGE success, both organizations are planning for the 2018-2019 performance.