About Us

The Dark Horse Performing Arts Foundation is a veteran owned and founded nonprofit (501c3) organization that believes that performing arts in the community and schools are a vital part of the learning experience and promotes positive self-esteem. Researchers have also shown a direct relationship between personal expression programs such as Band, Dance, Theatre, and other Visual and Performing Arts Programs and a rise in test scores in other areas such as reading and math. 

The Dark Horse Performing Arts Foundation focuses its efforts in raising money to promote programs currently within the Southern California regional communities and schools to offer support. Founded in 2013, this public charity focused their beginning years on supporting the music program at Heritage High School in Romoland, CA. In doing so, it became very clear that performing arts are severely underfunded in public schools and in the local and regional community. The Dark Horse Performing Arts Foundation is now expanding its focus and are dedicated to raising funds to assist performing arts programs across the board in all public arenas. The Dark Horse Performing Arts Foundation works in conjunction with other affiliated groups to assist underfunded performing arts programs to raise funds to supplement the needs they have to reach their goals. It is the ultimate goal of the Dark Horse Performing Arts Foundation to mentor, assist, and teach performing arts groups within the community and region.

While the main focus of the Dark Horse Performing Arts Foundation is to help out the local and regional performing arts programs, organizations and groups. We also help raise funds once a year for regional veteran operated organizations and programs that help veterans of the Southern California region.

Board Members



Charles J.

Vice President




Kelli K.



Jill B.

Social Media & Publicity


Andy A. 

Development & Fundraising


Kathy R.

Theatrical Lighting and Sound Tech.


Noah M.

Logistics & Planning


Anthony A.